Monday, January 16, 2012

Can you help me? Everyday Pop Up Cards Cartridge

When I bought the Everyday Pop Up Cards Cricut cartridge, I envisioned making fabulous 3-D cards that would light up children's eyes and put a smile on adult's faces. Little did I know how difficult they are to make.

I wanted to make a 3-D cupcake card for my niece-in-law. I started by reviewing the cartridge booklet and then going on YouTube and looking at some of the videos posted. It was funny, one of the crafters on that post had an awful time trying to figure out how to place the 3-D image and never did finish the card. It looked pretty straight forward so I tried making my own card.

The 3-D cupcake has 4 pieces. I understand how three of them work but not the fourth one. I tried and tried and tried some more before I threw up my hands and gave up. I changed my mind and cut the 3-D phrase. I couldn't even figure out how that went. The problem is, the cartridge booklet doesn't give you any hints as to what direction the card should open up. Why would you start with a tall A2 card and when you open it up having to turn the card the other way to view the pop up? It doesn't make sense to me but what do I know. Maybe that's the way the card is supposed to open.

I devoted a while to making this card so I could pop it in the mail. I totally gave up, made the cupcake and the phrase and pasted both on the front of the card! Gosh - it didn't turn out as I had envisioned. No children will light up their eyes and no adults will smile when looking at this card - for sure!

Can you help me? What an I missing? I know that the tabs are for gluing on the card and the image collapses on the fold but what do you do with that fourth piece? It's the piece that has 4 tabs and one fold. Can't figure it out. Any assistance would be appreciated. Otherwise, I am destined to making 2-D cards forever!


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  1. I just bought this card on ebay. When it comes I'll try to figure it out and if I do I will let you know!