Friday, August 26, 2011

School Days

A friend of mine is going back to teaching primary school after taking a year off on maternity leave. She's not looking forward to leaving her daughter at day care so I thought I'd send her a card of encouragement.

I just love the blue letters that top the crisp white background and adhered to a black cardstock. I think the black really gives it a dramatic look. I then added the red apple which I added to the front of the card using pop dots. You can see inside of the card that the same apple appears with a bite out of it. It looks good enough to continue eating!

Anyway, to all the teachers both very new and seasoned individual who bring so much enthusiasm to the classroom - good luck on your first day and enjoy yourselves. You do a very important task at teaching youngsters how to socialize, behave when asked and guide them in their quest to learn. You are truly invaluable.

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