Friday, August 12, 2011

I did it!!!

I finally bought myself a Gypsy!!! I know what you're thinking..."what took her so long". My thoughts exactly. I guess it was the price and then I thought it was duplicating the equipment I already had. I bought the Design Studio software two years ago and never had much luck with it. After numerous calls to the support line and not really getting anywhere except for them to say that it was one of the older programs. I also thought that working on a computer screen would be easier for viewing than working on a small Gypsey screen.

On Thursday I was in a WalMart and they had numerous scrapbooking products on sale. To my surprise there was a brand new Gypsey at such a reasonable price, I just couldn't resist. Last night I ran the updates and today I loaded all my cartridges. I went on the Creations with Christina website and watched her series on getting to know and using your Gypsey. She explained all the features perfectly - thanks Christina. After that, I went to my craft room where I stayed all day and created some lovely projects in record time.

What I like most about the Gypsey is that I can see exactly where on the mat the image will cut and whether it will cut down or across the mat. That way, I can save making multiple cuts to get my image. I place the paper in the proper location and cut. I haven't tried welding yet but I don't think that will cause me any problems.

I don't know why I waited so long to get this fabulous creative tool. I am enjoying every minute!!!


  1. I understand completely, I don't know what I would do without Sometimes I wonder how I used my cricut before the

  2. Thank you for stopping by She's A Sassy Lady today. I wish you well on your new Gypsy, I just know you are going to love it.
    Be sure to come back often and be sure to check out the Gypsy tab as there is so much information there that I am sure you could use. Have a blessed day.