Monday, November 29, 2010

Kimono Card

My son's girlfriend is from the west coast and she is half Japanese. Given her heritage, I made this kimono card for her upcoming birthday. I chose this paper because it had such a vibrant graphic. I went on Youtube and found some videos on how to make a card in the shape of a kimono. I ended up by modifying what I saw to give this card its clean lines. I found this fabulous organza sheer fushia ribbon and I think it really works well here. You will see on the back view of the card that I used a simple soft knot to tie the ribbon and hope that it resembles the traditional kimono belt or obi. I then outlined the card with black marker and added a bit of bling to the front. I will add my personal birthday message in white gel pen on the black cardstock liner with instructions to pull it up to read the message.

Hope you like this project. Another post is coming on Wednesday, November 30th.


  1. This is soooo cute thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Very pretty! I like how this came out... :o)

  3. I love this card!! She will love it!!