Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cards for the Senses

Recently, my adult son asked me to make 5 cards for him that represented the senses and 1 extra card. He was going to give the cards to his girlfriend for her birthday but only one card on each day before her birthday. With each card was a hint as to what her present was going to be. The extra card was called the Wild Card and she could trade in her the gift represented by the 5 cards for the Wild Card gift. Because she is from the West, my son was going to take her on a sightseeing adventure around Toronto but she didn't know this. She could trade all that in and take the Wild Card gift which was a weekend trip to a couples spa/resort out of town. Unfortunately it was very late and I was unable to take a photo of the Wild Card but I took hot pink glittered letters and glued that onto a 5"x5" black card. I then cut out a large bird cage from white cardstock using my Cricut Home Decor cartridge. The custom envelope I made was really interesting too. It looked sensational if I do say so myself.

This was a different kind of project which turned out to be a lot of work for both my son and I but I was glad to help. He put a lot of thought into making her birthday truly special. His girlfriend is a lovely young lady and I really like her. They have been together for over a year so we'll see what transpires. They are planning on going to visit her family for Christmas and also take a few days to go skiing at Whistler/Blackcombe.


  1. Hey Barb!

    So love this project, what a great gift and all the prep work is so perfect she will just enjoy it. I do sometimes use my gypsy to pre-design my cards but most time i just go by a guess on the size and alittle trouble shooting lol! I thank you so very much for always stopping over to my blog and having such wonderful words for me.

    Big Hug

  2. Very nice cards thanks for sharing!!