Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baby Toy Box

I was invited to a baby shower but I wanted to bring something different. I bought a pre-made wood box from Michael's and painted it. I cut some playful images of flowerpots and plants with faces from a wallpaper border and glued them to the ends of the box and sealed them with matte Modge Podge glue. I painted grass and other garden details to the ends and sides of the box. I added painted round wood knobs to the underside of the box for the feet.

I enjoy making this box as a baby gift and each time, the parents-to-be are always thrilled with it. After the baby gets a little older, the box can be painted to suit the age at that time. Later, the "feet" can be removed and once the box is turned on its end, it can be used as a small bedside table. I always make the boxes unisex and use bright colors. Bright apple green is my current favorite color for the boxes but it always take my inspiration for the color from the wallpaper "decals" that I use.

This type of box can be used for other things such as a house warming gift or a toy box to hold toys and equipment when traveling with a pet. It's quite a versatile item and reasonably inexpensive to make. I hope you'll give this project a try.

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